A smile from me to you

I haven’t been this happy in such a long time.

What it took for me to feel like this:

A job, a reason to get up in the morning.

Being a part of a team. A real team that help each other and want each other to succeed.

Feeling like I am valued.

A type of work where you are doing something useful.

The patients that walk out smiling and grateful.

A type of work where you are doing something practical but not overly stressful and you always have the next thing to do.

A type of work that stretches your brain a little bit with science.

Fun, a fun atmosphere. Jokes. Music, dancing while you work.

The feeling of satisfaction when everything is clean, stocked and ordered.

Being asked for your opinion.

Playing with cool equipment.

Being respected by members of the public.

A really smart uniform.

Being able to make someone feel better when they are terrified.

Being pretty much indispensable.

Looking forward to going to work in the morning. And actually smiling driving home.

Oh yes, also, going to the pub after work and all the drinks being on the tab, the most important point.

I mean, I took a plunge, it was a risk financially doing this course, but I never imagined a job could make me this happy. I knew I was depressed for not having a job, and I was depressed being forced to apply for jobs that I really did not even want and being turned down for them. I was also depressed by being made to feel like a worthless piece of shit by my job centre advisor, and being advised by her not to do this course, receiving a formal warning for turning down a job (which I did not, ever, I turned down doing unpaid work a.k.a. slavery, which was abolished or so I thought), also a warning for paying for myself to go on this course as I was ‘narrowing’ my search field. Basically doing everything by the book and being reprimanded for it anyway. Advisor. You couldn’t advise a piece of shit which way to fall into the toilet.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say she’d have been happy if I’d have topped myself because at least she could have crossed me off her little list.

Anyway, I’m grateful to……. Um, God, for giving me this opportunity.

I have one more favour to ask you though, God, please keep my Ulcerative Colitis under control. Also, ok maybe a couple of favours… please guide me to the correct drawer and bless me with the ability to tell the instruments apart.


7 thoughts on “A smile from me to you

  1. I am sooooo happy for you! Glad you listened to yourself and not your “advisor”.My grown son suffers from some kind of ailment similar to yours and I just feel for him. I hope your symptoms improve. I just QUIT my teaching job and I am also happy! Pretty damn broke, but all the stress is lifted from my shoulders. Now, what to do?

    • What to do, that is the million pound question… I am so glad you have got rid of the stress though. Stress is horrible. Ugh.. I hope your son feels better too 🙂

      It is always a big thing to do quitting a job with no other lined up, but sometimes you know you just have to. I had to, just had to, for exactly the same reason… stress overload. Was making me so ill…

      All the best, I hope you can figure something out… in the meantime try and enjoy your free time 🙂

      • Thanks! I have now decluttered the kitchen island, matched up all the plastic containers with lids, and organized one whole cabinet in my mom’s kitchen. And of course wasted time on facebook. Next is the bedroom…

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  3. Yes Rebecca, this is great to see you posting in this mood. Wear a uniform….a pic one day please. Preferrably with a whip…or a drill. God I am stupid. I am just saying good on you, so pleased!

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