Dream #74

My second work uniform arrived and it was a football strip that said ‘Mark Haydn’ on the back. [I don’t know anyone called Mark Haydn].

The woman said “Just wear this larger one for now and wear a padded bra to fill it out.” I said “I’m already wearing a padded bra.” So it looked really baggy on me.

Then I was in a hotel room. Two people were getting married (man and a woman) and they snuck into the hotel room to see each other the night before the wedding.

Then I was learning from a textbook and there was a section on dual meanings. To illustrate someone was slicing his toes open with a razor blade.

Then I was at a poetry recital. My sister broke the microphone and she was rubbish and forgot her words.

Then I was by a pool and someone handed me a uniform to be a lifeguard, which I donned, and 6pm came, closing time, so I never got a chance to go swimming.

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