Pinching myself.

Well, sorry I’ve been away a bit. I have been working very hard, as John says. (Lies, damned lies).

Actually I have been working hard, along with having the time of my life. These dentists. Wow. They know how to party.


Just oh my God. What a night. And I didn’t pay a thing. They are all so truly wonderful. And I can be myself. And if you know me, you’ll know that’s not an easy thing to be able to be. How did I get so lucky? How… just…

I’m realising that this is the top end of dentistry. It’s proper stuff.

And the ********* *******, oh my word, she’s *******, and the way she says my name it drives me a little crazy. Just *** me ***** already. I have no idea if the expression written on my face tells her, you know, that worry, that they can tell exactly what you are thinking. It is not my fault. Some people just are ***. Even the ****** ***** **** * ***** ** ***. I mean, we shared her last *********, that’s practically ******* is it not? And her ******* is such a lovely ***. Think ******* ****** *******, and you’re there.

Is this work? Am I getting paid to do this? Am I dreaming?

Sorry John, I’ve had lots of dreams, the ones this morning, I know they were jumping around cocktail-fuelled crazy shit hot dreams, but I can’t actually remember them. I write them down when I can remember them… but simply… can’t.

And I just know she would happily **** ** **, without hesitation.

Moloko – The Time Is Now (Bambino Casino Remix)

“And the atmosphere is charged

In you I trust

And I feel no fear as I

Do as I must”

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