A poem for my disgruntled hedgehog.

You’re the watch I could not wind

You’re a light so bright you turned me blind

You’re the lost earring I could not find

And I’m the one you left behind.

 You’re the one I love, do you know what that means?

For you, I’d even eat baked beans

And I really really hate them.


Four flat tyres on a keyed car

Someone got upset

Someone, somewhere, feels regret.


So tell me something, anything.


The laundry’s not dry after three whole days

The house is damp

That’s why.


I wish I had something to say

That was better than this.


You’re the bed in which I could not lay.

Because tomorrow is just another day.

And every day

You know what I’m going to say…

Nothing changes, every day I feel this way.


Even though I think you’re ugly on purpose.

I try to find fault with you.

I’ve found plenty…

But they’re never enough.

I wish you were a bit uglier

You have the personality of a disgruntled hedgehog

You are so annoying.

Don’t you wish you never met her

Says Placebo guy

Don’t you wish you never met her

Meet the brick shithouse.


I wonder what you look like when you cum.

Probably ugly.

I have to amuse myself somehow

While I wait to forget you.


I bet a disgruntled hedgehog looks beautiful when she orgasms.


So today I learnt a new word.


It’s an actual thing.

Things in the kitchen

Like blue things

Those blue and white stripey pots people have

That are better than normal pots somehow.


You know you’re just a normal pot.

You wouldn’t even count as kitchenalia.


But oh my God you are my favourite pot

And I would love to cook in you and eat from you every day

To save on the washing up.


Because you heat up so nicely.

Disgruntled hedgehog is nice sometimes.

Sometimes she makes me laugh.


And I fucking hate baked beans.

You have no idea.

3 thoughts on “A poem for my disgruntled hedgehog.

  1. I hate peas. Yet I eat them every time my Mom makes them because I love my Mom.

    I really hope that your car was a metaphor because otherwise, shit would go down. Big hug to you, and I’m so glad you are loving your job (forgot to comment that on your previous post earlier today). It’s about time some great things came your way. One day this emotional crap will all be over. Until then, great poem 🙂

    • 🙂 Not my car. But someone in my street. I noticed a flat tyre then the second, walked around the car, it was all 4, and it was all scratched up. Just thought to myself it’s amazing what feelings can drive us to do.

      Yeah the emotional crap is hard, everything else can be perfect but it doesn’t matter because it just feels… pointless. Without that one person to share it with.

  2. Don’t mind baked beans, but not on crap bread…has to be really good, like wholemeal toasted or sourdough or something….then hot baked beans…tea, yes tea. don’t drink tea much….lol

    Fancy that a Placebo poem…a hedgehog!

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