I’m too angry to think of a title

That’s it. All that’s left is ****.

It’s alright. It’s all gone now. All the ************* have been deleted. From all three of you. You, her and him.

All I have left is ****** memories which will hopefully fade sooner now there is nothing left for me to dwell on.

You are only a lesson I learnt. Never to trust that ***** ******_**** ********** actually give a **** about you, or acknowledge that you have any ********.

Never to trust anyone that makes you **** like you are ***********, not good enough, or makes you **** you need to change in some way. Never trust someone who thinks they know ****** than you. Never take advice from someone who won’t take your advice back to them. Never give your ***** to someone who you cannot be **** certain will not ***** you ****. Never try and understand someone who does not even understand themselves. Never try and be **** to someone who calls you a **** to get themselves out of ****. Never feel bad for falling in ****, being honest and true. Never feel bad for being taken advantage of. Never feel bad for thinking that someone who you ***** could have ***** you back. Because you know what, that is entirely plausible.

I wish you well, you *****.

I hope you some day figure out what it is you so badly want, that was worth ******** me this much for.

Yours ******* *************, much as I’d like to say ** ****,

The ***** of **** ***** to the bottom of your ****, who wishes that you would have ****** her with your **** and probably would have enjoyed it.




Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away

11 thoughts on “I’m too angry to think of a title

  1. Do you want to talk some more about it? I’m sorry you are so mad. If you don’t want to talk, get some sleep before work or you’ll be tired and angrier in the morning. :/


    • Thank you Katie, very much. I went straight to sleep. Was still angry driving to work in the morning but not sure if that was situational or hormonal, PMS or something. But I am feeling a bit better this afternoon. Have calmed down anyway. Thank you somuch

  2. Yea me too. So sorry this is happening to you. And it is a bit unfair all that – you had really put it behind you. The internet can be crap in some ways…take care. Don’t drink too much tonight, and like Katie says, go to bed….and go to work. There is another world out there, and it is just waiting for you. Promise. Hugs from me as well.

  3. Oh boy. I completely understand this. I have been through the same thing. The same type of bullying, until you are at your wits end.
    I’ll be writing a similar post in a while…when I’m about to crack.
    For now, I laugh. And laugh. And thank the Karma Gods that they are both getting exactly what they deserve.
    The best thing about it, is I am too. And quite frankly, living well has proven the BEST revenge.

    • Thank you lovely, that’s what I hope to achieve sometime… living well, moving on.

      I can laugh sometimes, but more often just feel fragile… at the moment anyway. Thank you x

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