More questions… I love them

1-If you could create your planet what would it be like and what would happen there and what would it be like?

It would always be sunny. Crops could grow without rain too. There would still be snow to ski on and play in, but still, the sun would shine and the snow wouldn’t melt. But UV rays and cigarettes wouldn’t give you cancer. There would still be people there. And people would communicate by singing. There would also be no mice, in my house, on my planet, and a bigger garden with grass and…… a wall to kick a football against. Also, the continents would move around more, so that different places in the world became easier to visit. And people would be able to breathe underwater as well. And be able to fly. Also, everyone would be born with their perfect companion. And you would die at the same time as each other so no-one would get left behind. People would also hug each other more.

2-If you could have one experience you have not yet had, what would it be?

Ride a camel.

3-Have you ever had sex on a train?


4-Have you ever deliberately hurt yourself?

Yes. Burning.

5-What is the last song you listened to?

Well, the Smiths song in the last post. But this has been playing repeatedly on the radio in work all day…

Daft Punk – Get Lucky

6-If you could meet one person you have been blogging and responding to who would you choose to meet, and would you want to meet face to face or just on the phone?

Lol, well that would be your good self John. Face to face of course.

7-Do you like tattoos?

Yes. Although I don’t have any. Because if I did I would probably want a whole arm sleeve. Or side-piece. Guy I was dating was inked all over and he was pretty hot, certainly. Tattoos on women, very nice also, as long as it’s a nice design. If I were to have a tattoo I would probably want a prawn incorporated into it, don’t ask me why, I just like prawns. Seafood lol. And I would like it to be colourful.

Hannah Blilie

Hannah Blilie

steve forrest

Steve Forrest


One thought on “More questions… I love them

  1. Love your answers of course, and yes to meet that would be, well, amazing. But the thing I love is….prawns in the tatt. That is funny, really, very good! And your planet, yes that sounds like a place where we could live….would you really be so loyal as to wish to be with just one partner, really? If so, that is interesting….

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