This is a b-side…

A b-side… Fuck me. What.

Depeche Mode – Dangerous

Is it better because I am drunk? Or is it actually as good as I think it is?

That Dave guy… he has a voice that just says, ok, I’m going to screw you now… and it’s going to be like… good.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You wouldn’t let me any way”

lol. Harsh.


9 thoughts on “This is a b-side…

  1. Cannot ever quite connect with Depeche mode. They make me think of Visage and the bad (later) Ultravox and other stuff I cannot quite remember. Or never quite knew. Or got to know. Or will ever know. Or if I do get to know will not remember that I know, or knew. Or something. I just don’t know….but well, I suppose I see what you mean. Does not sound dangerous to me. Love your Brand New on the other hand…what a great album that is…I mean the one with Jesus etc on it.

    • Two very different things, yes… I could listen to depeche all day, it is like, really relaxing pop music to me. I listen to it when I’m painting often. Not that I have painted for a while.

      That Brand New album. Well yes, it’s hard when something like an album becomes such a big part of your life, which it has. Just the whole thing. I think in Brand New lyrics really lol.

      And they have very little musical output, quantity-wise, but what comes out, when it comes out, it’s just…. well, no words.

      They are not a verse-chorus-verse band either, and the time-changes… genius.

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