Untitled 1

Effects profound, though never meant

I’m tearing up, my passion’s spent

Don’t think I’ve ever come this close

And walked away, it’s too morose

If you could say something to me

Distinctly lacking honesty

That’s what you’d do, you’d do it well

My heart’s bereft, it’s inner hell

Here is the tolling of your bell

My lungs shrink at the sound of it

During all that time she never turned a page

During all that time she never turned a page

heaven or hell


dante and virgil in hell

7 thoughts on “Untitled 1

  1. Love these…..Check out Juan Davila one day….an amazing image of Mary holding a big penis. Beautiful too.

    Anyway, love it as usual. And your sad and working through stuff poem too…O Rebecca! I suppose it means you are getting there….I do hope so.

      • Yes it is hard to find – and it is not on the internet at all for some reason (I hunted for it – I wanted to post it) It is in a book called The Mutilated Pieta by Juan Davila and Paul Foss. The picture is called The Holy Family. A very buxom, but eyes downcast Mary is holding a giant penis and scrotum like an infant, with her left hand gripping the end of the scrotum so hard that it goes right around a part of it, but with her right hand just supporting the haed of the penis. The penis is kind of browns and reds. She is dull blues and yellows and a dull red as well. Light seems to shine behind. It is rather beautiful, well I think so. I have always loved the pic. I got the book someplace second hand for a about 7 dollars…I guess it is out there in Amazon land somewhere….artspace the publisher.

        • By the way, the poem, don’t worry. I don’t even remember writing it… I was just tidying my living room, throwing out papers and found it. I mean, obviously I wrote it, or someone with very similar handwriting to me lol. But thought to post it here before throwing it out. So reading it is taking me backwards a bit.

          I did change the word cavities to lungs, because I thought….. well, I must have pre-cognited (I know that’s not strictly a word, but I’m tired and I can’t think of the right word) my dental transition lol. When I wrote it I was thinking body cavities, but now all I hear is teeth. And I thought, what, my teeth improve upon hearing the tolling of your bell? Jesus shit Christ this doesn’t make any sense. It didn’t before and it doesn’t now.

          Anyway, I guess re-typing may fall under the umbrella of working things out, much as I don’t like to admit it. You’ve probably got me there.

          Don’t ask me why my lungs would shrink, too many cigarettes probably.

          • Probably they would get ignited by that fire…or precognited. That definitely should be a word….and as for your feeling, well that is good actually…

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