Dream #75

I was in a dental practice. Working as a dental nurse. (Crazy, I know.)

The other dental nurse stretched her head up and said “kiss my neck.” I said “No.” I obviously didn’t want to. And left the room.

And I had to call people in, but there was a very confusing series of corridors. Some of them went outside. And outside there was a room where they were manufacturing all the things they needed. Etch, flow, bond, life. Dental things.

Then I realised I was dreaming. Not that I, Rebecca, was at home in bed dreaming, but that I was dreaming in the dental practice and there wasn’t really a room where they were manufacturing those things.

I went back to the surgery, and there was a family blocking the door.  I looked down and I had gloves on. What the… I thought. I didn’t put gloves on. As obviously you are not supposed to leave the surgery wearing gloves.

I managed to get back in the room past the families. And the dentist asked where I had been. She said I had been away for two hours. I think I burst into tears and said “I’m so sorry, I must have been dreaming and I didn’t know.” Obviously I was very distressed and it hadn’t been intentional, so I think she believed me, and told me it was ok.

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