Dream #76

Dreamed I went to the supermarket. I wanted to buy a portable CD player. There were 3 members of staff waiting outside and a sign on the door that said it was closed. Then I realised it was the Asda bakery and Sainsbury’s was still open. So I went in. Looked for a shallow trolley. There was a woman who worked there, she was very rude, asking me loads of personal questions. Then a woman walked past with a pasty in a bag and this woman said look at the grease on that bag. So then I walked around the shop and the announcement said the store was closing. So I put the candle I was holding down as I couldn’t be bothered to queue for just a candle. Mum B and L were there waiting. I couldn’t remember the name of the pub where I was doing my poetry reading and a woman got annoyed. It was raining and the store manager asked if I could give a child a lift home. I said I didn’t feel comfortable on my own with a child.

Then I was outside the swimming pool and there was asbestos laid outside.

Also, I had committed a murder and there was evidence on my phone and I thought I really ought to delete it.

Then I was in work having an X-ray taken. It was the end of the day so after it was done I lay on the chair face down. My pink knickers were showing. Then K tied my hair back for me. And I said do we need to order more articulating paper. She said thanks for reminding me I’d been meaning to do that for weeks. V said well done.

4 thoughts on “Dream #76

  1. Well I am glad you did not kill anyone, and it is nice, I suspect that K tied your hair back, even though I do not know what articulating paper is….paper with holes in it?

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