Dream #78 – Long in the tooth

Right. Let me think. So I had a dream that I was having a tooth extracted. The top of the tooth was kind of broccoli-shaped, in fact it was green like broccoli too. So the someone pulled my tooth out, but it just kept on coming and coming. So it was normal tooth-width but about a foot long. Oh shit. I really shouldn’t have taken that out. I had a big gap where the tooth used to be running all the way down my neck. I left the tooth on the side. I went to the dentist and said my tooth was too long and now I have a big gap. But she didn’t believe me. I wished I’d bought the tooth to show her, or taken a picture of it.

4 thoughts on “Dream #78 – Long in the tooth

  1. Righto I am back for the broccoli. Actually I am here to give you a sharing the love award. another 11 questions. I do hope you will answer them, because I love to read your answers….but now I am just going to read the broccoli thing-y.

    So it is a kind of broccoli vampire tooth. Your body failing. Your teeth made of broccoli. Broccoli and tooth extraction, let’s see – not fun either of them. Well I usually prefer broccoli, unless it is you doing the extraction. And then I am sure I would turn into a vampire, or a cauliflower. Or something. Anyway, workplace? That is what it is for sure. And you do not like broccoli. WHy not by the way? Have it steamed with soy sauce, and steamed potato as well. Not carrot. Steamed carrot is gross. Steamed sweet potato good. Even peas. Well here is the detail….http://writingthebody.wordpress.com/

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