Sex negative

He’s a sweetheart

He looks like Bill Sykes

His central incisor has a mesial chip

He still lives with his mother

He has his name on an army tag

He’s a good kisser

His stubble is nice

We go for a piss

In the alleyway by the church

We have sex while two onlookers watch


We walk around the city

He’s cold

I offer him my jacket

Not that it would fit

A man runs past

A bouncer chasing him

“He just stabbed a woman” he says as he runs past

Shit, we think

We go back to see if the woman is ok

She’s gone

Police swarm

A man has a bloody face

Just another night out

I offer the bloodied man a cigarette

Nametag guy says he’ll meet me tomorrow 6pm

I know I won’t be meeting him

He says he loves me, repeatedly

And will tell his mother about me

So I walk home

Pass a guy

He must have said something to me

“Had a good night?” I say

Being friendly

He kisses me

He lives three doors down

I go in

He shows me round

He’s blacker than black

Three thrusts he’s done

I’m bleeding now

“You don’t want to stay?” He says

No, I’m just going to go home

“You can sleep here”

No, I’m just going to go

I cry all the way home

Hole – Drown Soda

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