5 thoughts on “The door

  1. No, ugh. Wow. Looks like a jail door….or gaol door. or bhriganti door. Actually that is not a word. But if it were, you would pronounce it jhail. As in gail with a soft g. a marshmallow g.

    • I actually thought you were dead. Burst out laughing in the shop when I read this 🙂 So, so glad to hear from you lol!

      God, I’ve missed you and your crazy ramblings….

      I really did think…. never mind, you’re back now!! How very naughty of you to leave us all like that!!!! Ok, that’s enough telling off 😉 just so very glad you are ok. Really.

      I thought if not dead, at least in a coma, something…

      So you have just been busy. That is great, be as busy as you like lol 🙂 Just… don’t die yet. Thanks!

      And lots of kisses to say welcome back from the not dead xxxxx

      • I am really sorry. And touched, like I said. You are just beautiful….and me, well, I don’t die that easy! xx to you too….

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