It’d be easier that way

Brand New – Daisy – DUBSTEP REMIX

It’s tough to have a crush – Ok Go cover (on my ukulele)


This one’s more similar to the original

Brand New – Daisy (Gohmn Remix)

“It’d be easier that way.”


“Silly bitch!” he shouts

For no reason, really

No reason at all

Even if there was a reason there would never BE a reason

Perhaps the alcohol in his stomach

And his frustrations

At being married

He had the chance to be alone

To be a freeman

To fornicate with whoever he pleased

Or whoever he could afford

But no

He knows she loves him

And she is embarrassed

Only slightly

You can tell it’s not out of the ordinary

It’s nothing out of the ordinary

To be shouted at

Like a worthless piece of meat

We get home

He gets out

Walks around the garden, watering the flowers

Oh he takes such good care of the flowers

While my mother dies inside

And after it all

It’s my mother I despise

For not walking away

And me

For not telling her she has to

I will leave this place soon

I would like to report my father, to someone

Someone outside of me

Before it is too late

And I end up, him



2 thoughts on “It’d be easier that way

  1. Funny just been playing that album Actually a lot of times (4hrs driving today, that is a lot of times). That is a funny intro to it…song no 99 just as I am…the remixes are fun, familiar and different at the same time….like them both, but still enjoying the originals. On that album also love “You stole” what a song. Anyway, off track as usual….so back to the track well, the ukulele, well, not only so sweet (goodness you have such an angelic voice for someone like you….hmm that did not come out right; you know I love you right…and your voice surprises me, well there you are). Love you in a friend kind of way. O you know what I mean….

    That leaves the poem. Powerful. The closing lines….yes, that is a reasonable fear. I have it too….and it concerns my father, and how he treated my mother and us, I guess. And I suppose it is how they still behave that is maddening. I really could leave it behind if there were a change….and I had thought there was in mine.

    Yes, maybe I should just have said what Katie says, *hugs* so well, my fried, I say that too. My heart goes out to you…it is that feeling where you say it is more fun to go to work…

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