Dream #82

I had a dream I took my drum kit to the park, well, basketball type enclosure. Then three homeless guys, young guys, topless asked if they could play it. I said yes and we took it in turns to mess around on the drum kit.

Then three girls came along and played. They were a lesbian band and they were amazing. The singer was topless and she had amazing small-ish breasts and a washboard stomach.

Before we knew it more people came along and it turned into a really amazing party. I was a bit worried someone would steal my laptop which I also had with me. I saw J was there, amongst the party-goers and he smiled at me. I was topless as well.

End of the night came and everyone said thanks to me and left in dribs and drabs, all saying we should do it again.

My laptop was still there but I was missing a cream extension lead. A woman helped me look for it, I think she was a police officer, and she found various extensions, none of which were mine. One silver, one black, all with a single row of sockets whereas mine had two. I considered taking one of the others instead, but decided against it, as they weren’t mine.

I went home and my mum said I should have invited her to the party. She was leaning over the sofa arm with nothing on below the waist, giggling and being spanked by my dad.

Is she drunk? I said. (My mum never normally gets drunk in real life.)

4 thoughts on “Dream #82

  1. Given you have just left those two behind, that is an interesting dream indeed….the music, well that part is nice. The cop, maybe even that. But dad spanking mum….and she likes it, and they are interacting without his passive aggressive thing….well here goes, a list of 7
    1. They are laughing – dream of happy parents
    2. She is being spanked…a) more happy parents stuff
    3. She is being spanked ….b) she is being dominated by a dick (not happy really)
    4. You discover them….child to parent fantasy….you regressing?
    5. You did not invite mum, and she is pissed off – a) pathetic jealousy
    of a parent
    6. You did not invite mym and she is pissed off – b) pathetic power trip of a parent
    7. The fact that these two are in your otherwise good dream, even with the lost lead – they still have th capacity to hurt you.

    Yours sincerely, Dr John!

    • 🙂 yeah…

      My dad’s not really passive aggressive, more regular aggressive. My mum’s passive aggressive sometimes.

      She also does this thing with her voice where if she’s talking to me and my dad is present, she’ll raise her voice at the end of the sentence, as if for some kind of response or approval from him, which obviously never comes. I find it painful.

      • Tough stuff. Your dad and my dad….well something in common there. I suppose it is hard for your mother but in the end they make their choices – and she is still with him. Sorry. *hugs*

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