Cover of Brand New’s ‘You won’t know’.

Cover of You Won’t Know (Brand New)


A classic example of the ‘She’ lapsing into a ‘You’. Even Jesse Lacey can’t help himself.


Regarding Limerence, to quote Wikipedia, thank you Wikipedia:

“The sensation of limerence is felt in the midpoint of the chest, bottom of the throat, guts, or in some cases in the abdominal region.[1] This can be interpreted as ecstasy at times of mutuality, but its presence is most noticeable during despair at times of rejection.”


I find this funny because although I deleted most of our conversations, I re-read them so much at the time that they’ll always be in my head. She had gone for a couple of days without talking to me. I remember asking ‘Have we fallen out?’ Her response ‘No we haven’t fallen out, I’ve just been busy.’

And I told her about my crushing chest pains and the fact I could hardly breathe at my perceived (and now real) rejection and she apologised, and asked how I was, crushing chest pains aside.


As far as time spans go… it’s been over a year since I last spoke to her and she still gets me right in the sternum.

It’s happening right now.


And when I say ‘she’ and ‘her’, I mean ‘you’ and ‘your’, and I did put them in, but the text got messy.


Not to mention the more I talk to you directly, the more it seems a rejection, and the more… my chest… can’t…


2 thoughts on “Cover of Brand New’s ‘You won’t know’.

  1. You are just too beautiful to be in this world…goodness. Love this song, and love what you are doing to it. I think I will hear that angelic voice (with all the wicked mind behind it) in my head a while now….

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