Dream #83

I’ve been very poor on the dreaming front lately, but was sitting here and just remembered… last night…

I dreamt that I chopped some bits of my hair really short… and, well, I couldn’t do the back, so was seeking out a hairdresser to shave it off (but not the front, I wanted to keep that long-ish)… and I went into this hairdresser’s that was more like a restaurant. I didn’t like the look of it, so left.

So I went back to my childhood hairdresser from Aberdare, Kathy, she had dark curly hair, olive skin, big long dimples, quite cute. But she wasn’t very nice to me and didn’t understand why I was cutting my hair off… there was a gutter thing running all around the edges of the hairdresser’s and I had to be careful not to fall in it.

So at some point my hair had obviously got bleached, white. And it looked fucking great. Basically, I looked like Pink… I was tanned as well which really stood out against the white hair.

And I thought fuck yes, I’m going to be a dyke magnet now.

3 thoughts on “Dream #83

  1. Or be a dyke magnet, that sounds like a plan. And yea, a new hair colour…and if that fails, just sing more of those songs from Brand new.

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