Dream #84

I dreamed that NE took an overdose and died.

I walked a long way past lots of rivers and was flying under bridges. Then I saw a red Toyota Yaris, ran out behind it, waving, my sister saw me in the rear-view mirror, stopped and gave me a lift back.

My sis and I were in the toilet when I heard my dad’s voice outside, ranting and raving. We looked through the grate and spoke to him.

Then my mum had a photo of this handsome black guy on her bedside table.

6 thoughts on “Dream #84

  1. Not a cuckold dream, not at all. You just want her to leave him,….any sign of interest beyond him would do. If she could leave him, so in a way could you….goodness. These dreams are so close to your realities that they are barely dreams at all….and your sister…tell us about her….if that is ok I mean (I sounded bossy a momemt there, lol). Well anyway, nice to see you back. Nice just being here again raving on, but not in a ranting kind of way, because that would he him….and I do not mean HIM the metal band but HIM that man…that difficult man who has made your life so hard.

    • Extrapolating a bit there J… yes I want her to leave him, I think she’d be happier.

      But no, I don’t want to leave him, I miss him, he’s my dad, we look after each other. He hasn’t exactly made my life hard… when you put it like that, it sounds wrong.

      Basically my blog gets the dregs of his character… because that’s what I can’t say anywhere else. But for the most part he’s wonderful. Perhaps that isn’t apparent, because I haven’t made it apparent.

      It’s complicated, but isn’t everything.

      Basically, I’m allowed to say he’s atrocious, you’re not. As is with most people and their families.

      And I know you only say it because you feel protective of me…

      But I feel protective of him too. Make sense? Hope so.

      • Yes it does make sense. And I won’t say that – like you say, I am extrapolating from words….not the guy. Sorry, I think….

  2. Yes definitely I am sorry. Did not want to hurt your feelings….and it is true I think that things said about people you care about can hurt feelings more than if they are even said about you. And when they are based, even wrongly, on things we say ourselves…well I am sorry.

    • I appreciate where it was coming from. And my feelings aren’t hurt at all 🙂 Just, as you are my most involved commenter I felt it only right to… well ya know. You know 🙂

      Sometimes I think my dreams are even a bit personal for my own liking.

      I’m not sure myself if what I’m saying is right, it’s just what I feel in the moment… I’ll probably agree with you tomorrow. Change my mind three times. And back again.

      Just want you to know he’s not all bad. Obviously I hope not because I’m far too similar to him… sheesh.

      It is all a little close to the bone really…

      Too many issues for a comment, perhaps 🙂


      • I just came back to say that you can delete this string of comments if you want to…in fact, on the off chance that they get read, it is probably a good idea….and in any event whatever you do, I will totally understand. Thank you for sharing all that though, and I really, really do not want to hurt you, of all people.

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