Dream #87

Had a dream I was in school and I didn’t know what lessons we had, so I followed Joanne. Turned out we had history first. Then Lydia had the same bag as me. Also before that I was late for school and cleaning my teeth in the bathroom with my naked bottom when my dad got out the shower. Then there was a massive party at my parents’ place with lots of young people, boys my age. In school we had to pop balloons with a scissors. Driving to school in the van I wanted to buy a bottle of water but wasn’t able to stop on the double yellows. Then I was wearing an England shirt. Then we went on a school trip to the theatre and I dropped my friends off, asked them to pick me up a bottle of water while I found somewhere to park. Then we were looking at old photos and videos and there was a video of us line-dancing in front of the piano. Like an old-fashioned stoppy-starty video. I was wearing my black thing with blue flowers.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. I wrote it on my phone this morning, as is.


And I see your doing something you’re scared of and I raise you. Well, I already did, but I’ll do it again. And again. And again.


Never mind dreams *Must get up for work tomorrow*.


Thanks to my friends for a good night,

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