Cover of Tender by Blur

Cover of Tender by Blur – Leanne Bunce & Rebecca Marriott

So I’ve been going to this choir thing with my best friend Leanne (also my ex but she’s morphed), truly my best friend and some of our mates. It’s nice to have a little singalong and a natter, very good for depression which I know a lot of us are dealing with… not sure if that’s a lesbian thing… or an everyone thing.

Anyway, please enjoy this spirit-lifting (I think) rendition of a song chosen by Clairey which we bashed out when we got home.

Anyway (again) I’m fucking tired. God. We are always on the lookout for new members. Something something. Something. Yeha.


4 thoughts on “Cover of Tender by Blur

  1. Love your angelic voice just knowing it is you….and singing together is brilliant…your voices set each other off. And Blur, well wasn’t that fun?

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