Dream #90

Dreamed I had to start packing because I was moving out.

Then I had sex with L and we touched fannies. But neither of us came. She was close humping my forearm though. But I was too sore to cum anyway.

Then I parked my car and couldn’t remember which multi-storey car park it was in. L reminded me. Then I worked out how many hours had elapsed as I’d had a couple of drinks and figured I’d be fine to drive.

Then I went to Subway and the cashier guy was rude and dismissive. I ordered a ham and cheese footlong (meal deal) and realised after I’d left they hadn’t even asked me what toppings I wanted. I opened it and it just had one tomato slice. I hate tomatoes. I went back and said to the woman by the toppings this is the most appalling customer service I’ve ever received in a Subway. I said you can just take that tomato off, they didn’t have carrot, my favourite, but I had red onions and peppers and was happier with that.

2 thoughts on “Dream #90

  1. You seemed to be having quite a few dreams lately as well. There’s something I saw a bit back about how the drunken man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts…but I feel you can replace ‘drunken man’s words’ with ‘a persons dream’ and it still means the same thing. Oh well, hope you are doing well!

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