The smell of flavoured condoms hangs in the air. The light seems so bright, yellow, unnatural, like burning sodium. And I think of all the disgusting but fascinating things like teratomata, or supernumerary teeth. I wonder about vagina dentata, the myth, whether it’s really a myth. Most myths are real. I drift off to sleep thinking of growths with thick, black hair, fully-formed feet. Things that make my stomach turn. I think about the capacity for creating human life and how it would be so very misguided to inflict this perverted thing we call ‘life’ onto a child. A child who doesn’t know any better. A child who will grow only to suffer, in a world that serves only to punish. A world where the innocent are found guilty, and the guilty found innocent. A world so devoid of joy. A world where achievement is futile. And the smell of flavoured condoms hangs in the air.

One thought on “Rambling

  1. Ouch….funny idea, a vagina with teeth….maybe that is why that album is called “with teeth.” Nah, probably not. Anyway, life, a strange thing. Not sure what I think of it. Schopenhauer – the poles of misery and boredom….yes I guess that is right. But it is not all like that. There is a brief exhilaration, light of life, sadness you share, beauties….small beauties. Flowers. I love flowers growing out in the stony ground, like this severe place where I live where things struggle to stay alive. Why do they bother? Who knows….it is very brief, death is coming soon, all too soon. The things you make Rebecca, with that angelic voice of yours, that artistic eye, your writing, no, I do not think what you do is futile. Life is hard, shitty at times, maybe most times, but we laugh too, smile at times, I don’t know. I sometimes feel what you are feeling. I am in a better space now, for now, if women had teeth in their vaginas men might be more respectful. God I am an idiot….anyway, I don’t know. You are right about flavoured condoms….wtf. Nice vision….take care…..your friend….can I be called that, do I deserve it, I wonder. Anyway, I feel like I would like to be your friend just now. Not even drunk, not even a little bit…..travel well, and just remember, none of it really matters too much, not really.

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