Stress twitch. Twitch. Stress.

The pulsating under my right eye that has been there for weeks persists.

Stress twitch. Twitch. Stress.

And I go out, feeling like some sort of somebody.

Clifton Street. Cash point. Flashing green light. Insert purple card.

£0.00 available.

Insert blue card.

£0.00 available.

Insert grey card.

£0.00 available.

Insert dark purple and light purple card.

£0.00 available.

Chest sinks.


I work 5 days a week. Unfailingly. 8 to 5.

I’m never late.

Never late.

Go out, still pretending to be somebody.

I have a full pack of cigarettes.

Dole them out.

People buy me drinks.

I get drunk on nothing.

Drunk on nothing.

Drunk on nothing.

Drunk for nothing.

I live for nothing.

The girl

Who sexy dances with me


As I look her up and down

And down

And further down

Makes it all ok.

I live for something.

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