Dream #93

I dreamed that I shared a house with four of my exes and would sleep with each on an intermittent basis. Sometimes I’d be asleep and one of them would rest their head on me, I wouldn’t know which one it was but that didn’t seem to matter.

Then I had to catch a plane to Canada to see my parents and I realised I was late, I didn’t have my ticket or a bra on or anything I needed really. I asked at the desk “Have I missed the Beruba flight?” She ran with me, didn’t check I had a ticket, took me to the plane. It was small plane with about 20 people on and we were all sat around circular tables. We were served a delicious dessert of strawberries and pastry. We took off down a grassy verge and had to get over these high jagged cliffs. We just made it. The pilot told me we were lucky, they didn’t always make it over. And I wondered why my parents had put me on such a risky flight.

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