Dream #99

Had a dream about A and A (Work colleagues).

We went to the chip shop.


Here endeth the most boring dream ever.

That was it. I think female A had a sausage.


Oh God… is there more?

No, I can’t remember.



[To see or eat sausage in your dream symbolizes material values. It may also represent the phallus and thus refers to sexual feelings or tension.]


Hahahahhaha. Nervous laughter.

Cheers. And here’s to dream #100, whenever it comes.







One thought on “Dream #99

  1. Sausage….definitely. No, I am not sure suddenly. Today I had left over sausage. I like it with onion gravy. I made it last night, then had it at lunch today again. Then crumbed prawns that I made and deep fried….tonight. And all because you dream of sausages. Nothing to do with you know what. Voldemort that is.

    Maybe one day, someone can come round here, wipe all my records, every mad thing I have ever done, and turn me into sausages to feed to their dogs. Then and only then would the world be freed from me, the free rider, and all my idiotic remarks on your dream posts. I do like that you put up with me. It is Karma…you are being punished for something you did when you were the Queen of Babylon. I do not think Babylon had a queen, but if it did, you were definitely it.

    And another thing.,…but god I cannot remember what it is. Your dreams are not boring. Nothing about you is boring….I wish I could dream you were drilling holes in my teeth…or heck, any part of me at all….looking for oil….black gold….texas tea….hills that is, swimming pools, movie stars. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwzaxUF0k18

    Funny…not so cool now to find oil in your pond. We call it pollution these days…look at BP. Why am I talking about this?

    I have no idea. I am just a terminal idiot…I can say this here, you won’t report me to LK or Petite Elle, will you? They are the self-put down police….actually I love them. Gotta admit, this is pretty ridiculous, but now that I have typed it, well hell, let’s all hang out in Beverley….HIlls that is. .

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