Dream #101

Had a dream I was looking at pictures on Facebook. A friend from my childhood had pictures of her friends in a particular place in a lake. Just a single shot, one person each time, at the same spot in the lake. They had been on holiday there recently. One of the photos was of her sister (recently deceased) at the same place. She would have been dead at the time the photos were taken so it seemed obvious to me that they must have Photoshopped her in. I remember thinking how wrong it was of them to do that, as if she was still alive.


Background info. She was my best friend during primary school. I spent a lot of time with her family, most of whom lived in the same street and had for generations. We used to play chess together and were very evenly matched. I haven’t spoken to her really since her sister died. I can see that I’m being very selfish in my dream, placing my insecurities and discomfort on her. That’s how I felt in the dream, not how I feel in real life. In fact I think it’s kind of a nice idea that she may have been there with them.

I remember sleeping in a tent in her back garden, we were both trapped because it had rained and there were slugs all around the tent, an obscene amount of slugs, and we didn’t have shoes with us.

I know that she has been seeing a spiritualist and having conversations with her sister.

I don’t know where the lake was, but it was incredibly beautiful.

One thought on “Dream #101

  1. PS….I really do not like slugs. I mean snails are bad enough, but slugs really need shells, just like we need clothes. Well men do….maybe women as well. Wtf am I talking about? I don’t know as usual. Slugs as penises I suppose. Or some such rot. sorry, R, but am at it again. One day you will look at one of my comments and think, “That’s it, that is the one, I am going to delete that!” xxx

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