Does the robot bruise?

Trust is such a delicate thing

Purple paranoia

Blue blemishes

She’s not quite black

And she balks at the thought

Of being taken aback

And as acid makes its way

Up her gullet

She remembers


Reams of words spew out

Hatred is such a strong word

It is hatred with a remnant of…

Self-fulfilling lust

And ever perpetuating

Lack of trust


He should have left you

When he wanted to

When he was twenty-five

And you were twenty-six


No there’s no quick fix

No tricks but sucking dicks

And I’ll think of you, you vile bitch

As I spit

Your lack of heart

Your ceaseless itch

Your lifeless face

Propped up

Arms folded

Tied together with cloth

To give the appearance

Of someone who lived

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