Dream #110

Had a dream (nightmare) about Ian Watkins. We were chasing him basically, or he was chasing us rather. Kept trying to kill him in strange ways. Like he was a carton of water fell out of a window, snapped in half. But he wasn’t dead and escaped with noone knowing. He walked calmly so as not to arouse suspicion into the house of a gay guy with a young kid. He basically flirted with this guy to get to spend the night with this kid.

IW was following me round the supermarket. I was fingering my arse as I went up and down the aisles in a hope to lure him into following me. The police officer woman who was also the director said it was too risky and I should be left out of it. At one point I was hiding behind a sofa and he shone a torch on me and found me. Then I smashed a window to get out.

This was all a film and my name was in the credits.

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