So turns out, she’s like a disease. When I forget…

So turns out, she’s like a disease. When I forget to take my meds I get all worked up, teary, and wish that we were in contact.

It’s ok. I’ve taken my meds today.

Medication to subdue my feelings, yes, that actually works.

Suffering from a broken heart, a lost bond, broken trust?

Just take fluoxetine. Every day.

And don’t forget.

Don’t forget.

Wonder if I’ll ever get off them.

I still feel, but it’s not cutting. It’s not devastation. It’s the ability to function.

I believe you changed the way my brain is programmed, or my brain changed the time I met you, coincidentally. (Yeah, I know).

It was the hope. You, my something to look forward to.

Nothing has the same effect. My. Sweet. Drug.

It’s better to be addicted to fluoxetine than addicted to you.

Repeat prescription, please.

Press, tongue, swallow, repeat.

Green and yellow, swallow, repeat.

Pink box, my name, courtesy of you, swallow, repeat.

I spoke the words but never gave a thought to what they all could mean


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