Talk to me

Talk to me
Like it’s light
Talk to me in small talk
And anecdotes
Talk to me like it never went wrong

Think of me and smile
Like I do when I think of you
And how it was

Giving up was never my strong point
Letting go of happiness

I’m not ready
Moving on before I’m ready would be
To wrench my soul from its ribcage
It would be a lie
It would not work

So I grieve and I wait
And hope that the feelings change
Or that I’m struck with amnesia

That something or somebody happens that will help me forget

Until then I’ll cry
For how happy I was
I’ll cry for each joke we shared
I’ll cry enough to drain the happiness
The happiness
If that was enough of a word

I’ve still got
A lot
Of crying
To do

I hope that a lifetime is enough

And if not, that I will meet you in the next

I hope, that when you were made, your soul was too big for one person, so was split between two vehicles, or more. Knowing what I know, of you, and how overflowing with soul you are

This must be true

My delusion

My grand delusion

I hope it’s not a delusion

Brought forth from my psychotic depression

Because that would really be

A bit much

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