Dream #124 – #130

Dreamt about an outdoor swimming pool there was a girl on the rocks.


Was in your flat, going through your stuff. I realised I hadn’t memorised where it was to start. Then you came home. Heard you coming to the bedroom. I wasn’t too embarrassed. You escorted me out to the waiting police officers. Then I was looking at photos of yours and noticed your laundry hanging out. White knickers with a subtle pattern and one of those keyhole things in the top. And I had a really hairy upper back.


Dreamt about masturbating.


Dreamt about a place made of stone with pigeons carved into the floor.


Dreamt about cycling along a riverbank with a steep incline.


Dreamt that we all parked our cars in a field. Someone asked me to move my car as it was blocking the way. It had been raining. I got in the car and started to move it but the grass was so slippery that the car ran all the way down to the bottom of the field and crashed. I was the second car to do so, so I crashed into the back of the first, then another into mine. However I wasn’t in the car at this point I was just watching it crash from the top of the field.


I woke up from this one absolutely drenched in sweat. You had set up some sort of name and shame Facebook profile with all my stupid messages on it for the world to see. Everyone was disgusted with me and many people unfriended me. I presumed those that hadn’t just hadn’t seen the page yet. One of them was a message where I’d mentioned the name of a guy I wanted to do so something obscene to, I can’t remember what. And he had seen it and commented on it. I genuinely remember feeling as if the whole thing was real upon waking and it took me a while to realise it wasn’t. Then I had to shower.

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