Had a shed load of dreams at the weekend. About ten or so. Will update at some point. Maybe.

Quick life update . Um. Did my exam, still waiting for results.

Have decided I want to have surgery this year though I am really in no hurry. My drugs are making me nauseous, exhausted. Had a week off them, realised I felt brilliant, apart from starting to flare. So want to get off them.

I am scared like a little chicken shit, can’t say I will go through with it, but I’m trying to get the ball rolling.

I have been on no dates. Pretty much celibate.

My boss wants me to do 3 more paintings for the surgery and he pays quite well for them. So that’s that.

I sound like a deflated little puppy.

Still on the antidepressants. I’m ok. Probably above average.

2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Yea, you sound sad. Above average….that is like a grade. Anyway, I am so glad to see you here at all….that is the best thing! And if you can get off those pharmaceuticals, well good. I keep hearing weird left of centre things that people say about crohn’s disease….diet type stuff. Probably crap. But I think of you then. I am not even sure that is what you have. Anyway, take care, and yes, the op sounds like it is needed. Do National Health cover it?

    • Yes, they do, thankfully. I have Ulcerative Colitis, very similar to Crohn’s but only the large intestine is affected (Crohn’s is anywhere in the gastric tract, small intestine, mouth, large intestine etc). So am lucky in that only my colon is diseased… Lucky, ha.

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