Catch eye

Those blue eyes, I’d recognise them anywhere

I turn away hoping they don’t see me

I willingly participated in activities in a churchyard that are about as far from churchly as it gets

limp and cold

the guy watching was harder

I walk away, uneasy

hope you don’t recognise me

hair changes

eyes never do

3 thoughts on “Catch eye

  1. Is this Just a poem?
    Is this the writing of reality’s knotted ropes
    Which twist guts into the liquid hopes
    Of fear? Is the blade that slices you
    The same remembered blaze of blue eyes –
    Those same eyes which, from above
    Once gazed down on you in utter love?

    (How are you my friend?)

    • Hello, Zed! I need to do a blog update, I am well aware. I am doing… okay. Very busy between dental nursing and trying to get some semblance of an income from my art. Right now, very now, I am hungry so I shall sort that out… and yes, hopefully come back with a more fulfilling answer in the form of a blog post, maybe.

      How are you, my dear friend from down under? Or up above? Whichever way you look at it x

      • I am fine….much more balanced….less crazy anyway. I suppose steadying up has been hard for me after such a mad 2013. My blog was like a suicide note….now it is in a much sunnier space. But I still love my friends. Like you. x

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