9 thoughts on “In purgatory

  1. I watched your video – really hope the operation process speeds up for you. Hang in there, seems like things will get better once you don’t have those symptoms. I’m listening!

        • I think I’m going to have to take six weeks off when I have the operation, so I’m trying to not take too much time off beforehand. But sometimes obviously I have to, if I’m too ill, like today. It’s a weird situation with no-one to cover me on certain days. Also, the underlying threat of how difficult it is to get a job at all around here, I think that weighs on my conscience. It’s difficult when I’ve done so well to sort of work my way up to where I am. I don’t even have a date for the operation yet (can’t get through). It might be months away 😦

  2. Hell, just hell. So sorry, as usual, unable to say anything helpful really – I even understand the work stuff, how you sort of save up your sick leave. God so crap.
    And as for the condition….I just hope it works out in hospital (just watched the other video). Just so sorry – take care my friend….if it is any help, your story does matter. xx

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