Hidden in the sheets

The last video here was one of me teary eyed so here is one of me not teary eyed to make up for it

I went to the hospital. They sent me home. Going to go back next week and see my gastroenterologist. But at least I did something about it and am doing something about it. I’m in a flap about work. I will probably go in on Monday if physically possible because they need me, then hopefully maybe Tuesday I can go to the hospital and try and sort myself out.

Now I’m guilt tripping myself that it’s not that bad. If I feel better for an hour I just feel guilty. It’s ridiculous.

4 thoughts on “Hidden in the sheets

  1. Cannot get this image of you out of my mind…..one bit in here, in the other one too, is that they need you. Maybe that is the bit missing from what I said before Rebecca – I need you, we do need you. Not quite sure how or why that works but I do not know anyone who puts things together the way you do. Everytime I listen to Degausser or you won’t know, or even Luca, I think of you. And I have the version you did of Placebo on my ipod, and it always surprises me, and nicely, when it comes on. Does that make sense? Even if it doesn’t, I hope it makes it better, a bit – your friend from afar, John

    • Thanks John, I have been listening to “You won’t know” a lot lately, there is a lot that is in a song. Really glad that you listen to my Placebo 🙂 that makes me so happy. By the way, I have now changed my name to Ben to align better with my gender identity.
      Thanks for your lovely comments, you never fail to cheer me up.

      Love from Ben xx

      • Dearest Ben – it took me such a long time, always takes me a long time, to get the thing I want to say exactly right. But I was driving down to Sydney after I posted that comment of mine, and it suddenly hit me what I wished I had said – so now I will say it: you Ben, will be the man I wish I could have been. That is it, exactly. And if only men were mainly like you, well, what a world that would be. And yes, I see it now, of course, yes, of course it makes sense. How long have you been turning this over in your mind I wonder? I was listening to “Daisy” the song, and then to Noro on the way back today, and (I use the pictures you create, the one of the church, as well as the one of your legs and boots, as images for the odd album compilations I like to make) – and well, I was thinking of you, how little I have been able to help you really. But you do at least know that you have a special place in my heart….and you are among my very few true online friends…..xxx

  2. And I am sorry i had not read the earlier post on your plans for the future….I have now, and have replied, dear Ben. Just going back to listen to one of your songs….

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