Dream #140 ~ dangerous driving

Had a dream about some teenage boys driving recklessly down my street. They were driving a shiny white Ford Focus (or similar), it was dark out. I had gone out to get something from the car, saw them swerving towards me so ran back to my doorstep. They were leaning out the window being boisterous and shouting at me. They shot out the end of the street, not giving way obviously, forcing another car to slam on the brakes. They were driving round in circles and going up and down the street. So I tried to ring the police. It was dark and I couldn’t see the phone numbers so I tried to feel the raised part on the 5 first. I accidentally dialled 666. Eventually got it right and dialled 999 and told the woman on the end of the line what was happening. She laughed and swore at me and carried on talking to someone in the background, still laughing, her speech littered with swear words.

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