Do you feel the weight of it?

Do you feel the weight of it
Fake substances
Hard drugs
Pumped full like a kettle
Quick google before you throw it in your throat
Some you know from past experience
Fill you with dread
What sort of madman must you be?!
Can’t get the taste of powder out the back
A whole glass of water will not
Dislodge this regret
That is catching in your
Dissolving bones
Years of misuse
Are not forgiving
So I hand myself to the surgeon
Like a madman
My friends we are all mad!
Pumped full like kettles!
What do you mean?!
Pumped full like kettles!
Full of hexagons and pentagons
Diagrammatically speaking
Blood, I’m not scared of blood, I’ve seen so much!
I’m scared of slicing of fatty tissues and internal organs
But my adrenal gland is shrieking now
Adding to the madness
Who put me on these fucking steroids again?
The man with the stethoscope
Who forgot to listen to my heart

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