Dream #142

I was driving recklessly and too fast, went through lots of red lights and stop signs, not exactly on purpose but I couldn’t seem to slow down. Builders and people were shouting at me.

Then I was parked in a car by the park. My girlfriend got in the passenger seat, she was wearing white ice skates. Gillian Anderson was parked around the other side of the park, she got out of her car and walked around to us. I was wearing an ankle length crimplene white skirt and I pulled it over me to make sure my ankles weren’t showing.

Then I was driving the car, alone, down a curved terraced street, too fast. I was looking behind me for a CD and went into the back of a parked red car. I thought about driving away but there was a black car parked in the middle of the road and also a large, angry woman with brown hair, sat in the car I’d crashed into. We both got out to look at the damage. There was a dent in her boot, but clearly not of the shape that my car could have just made. She wanted me to give her my insurance details but I couldn’t find them.

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