Dream #143

I dreamed my dad and I were hugging. Then he stepped back and ran his hands really slowly and firmly down my chest across my breasts. I yelled “What are you doing?!” He responded, his exact words I can’t remember, but it was something nasty.

He left and I was crying. I wanted to tell someone so I opened my laptop. There was a pile of ten and twenty pound notes I had left tucked in it and forgotten about. I tried to type what had happened but every time I looked at the screen it had autocorrected the words to something else, so I was unable to tell anyone.

I went to sleep with some relaxing heavy metal music on. I think it was Korn.

One thought on “Dream #143

  1. Your superconscious mind is trying to be productive, seeking to create or birth new ideas which you fight. You value being able to talk about this but are unable to express what it is that needs said.

    Something seems to be bubbling in your subconscious, something new, something you haven’t quite consolidated your thoughts on. Perhaps some recent change or twist of life. Also it is something that your normal conscious self might not be willing to admit or actively take part in.

    That’s what the dream seems to mean to me.

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