Victim status

You’re a victim of your own mind
misfortune favours you now
everything could be so different
destined for this
it kills

Master manipulators
sap your strength
fed up of fighting

Stability, a dream
you’re too scared to have

Defects emerge
make themselves known
mostly to you



Empty stomach
full mind
anxiety inducing
empty wallet

I had loneliness

He took away the comfort in my loneliness

Something flipped
a trail back of lorries
with hazards

Turn around and go back where you came from

It’s easy to see his face
and hard to describe

I can’t shake this feeling of being used

My privacy invaded
open nature closed
open heart surgically exposed
removed, dropped and battered
by the masters of this realm
(of which, I suppose, you were one)

Recovery is delayed
pending review


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