My humiliation is your triumph Conversion to the bodily The heart has its reasons Shameless, violent, depravity She’s dark now and empty My intuition This human condition Your jealousy I’m dying to meet you in spite of it all This primitive phallus is standing up tall You’re courting The Devil I’m taking the fall […]

I didn’t notice that the drugs stopped working

Something snapped. Wrong place, wrong time. Reading about yourself, on the internet. Or other people like you. Look up meetings in your area. No meetings in your area. Swansea, Bristol. Inconvenient times. 12 steps. As if it were a flight of stairs. Get to the landing. When you live in a fucking bungalow. Infested. Dry […]

The warmth

The discrepancy between fantasy and reality Defence and anonymity from pain Sexual undercurrents Shame-bound Imagined relationship Dignity impossible No voice Threat of violence and instability Your presence Intrinsic meaning Misinterpreted significance Destructive love Terrifying human mind Metaphorical rapist Assault my intelligence This dynamic Your disdain All-consuming Time-wasting, ongoing, controlling, unforgiving Hope Delineated boundaries Perception of […]

Victim status

You’re a victim of your own mind misfortune favours you now everything could be so different destined for this loneliness it kills Master manipulators sap your strength fed up of fighting dirty Stability, a dream you’re too scared to have Defects emerge make themselves known mostly to you Overthinking Overdrinking Empty stomach full mind anxiety […]

Build an addiction

Build an addiction Start with nothing Sensitive people, two Battered by “the world” Come to a head I still shiver Like a fucking turkey So why do you have eyes the size of saucers? Appalled that I would harm a woman In such a glaring fashion Your distress, my failing I take it badly Pervert […]