Catch eye

Those blue eyes, I’d recognise them anywhere I turn away hoping they don’t see me I willingly participated in activities in a churchyard that are about as far from churchly as it gets limp and cold the guy watching was harder I walk away, uneasy hope you don’t recognise me hair changes eyes never do


Look me in the eye when I slap your face My approval for her is meant, genuine The cue pushes me to the edge One of us is reduced to tears Her affection for me rears it’s ugly head I slip over the edge She helps me back up With praise that makes me feel […]

Basic needs

I spend my whole life in a state of exhaustion In a choice between waking experience and sleeping and not Fatigue, it’s a bottle, filled with liquid you don’t get to drink It’s a thirst, my dear, for closing your eyes, as they roll back in your head Repeatedly You struggle to stop them To […]

I hate having to title poems. This is a poem called ‘the girl who was depressed so she wrote it down and felt something, not better, but something.’

I knew it would happen, it was just a question of when. It had been building all night, the expectation. The unmet need in me.   And then they came.   The tears.   The regret.   The not knowing what is right.   I reek of self-pity.   Faced with sequences of wrong decisions. […]

Stress twitch. Twitch. Stress.

The pulsating under my right eye that has been there for weeks persists. Stress twitch. Twitch. Stress. And I go out, feeling like some sort of somebody. Clifton Street. Cash point. Flashing green light. Insert purple card. £0.00 available. Insert blue card. £0.00 available. Insert grey card. £0.00 available. Insert dark purple and light purple […]