I didn’t notice that the drugs stopped working

Something snapped. Wrong place, wrong time. Reading about yourself, on the internet. Or other people like you. Look up meetings in your area. No meetings in your area. Swansea, Bristol. Inconvenient times. 12 steps. As if it were a flight of stairs. Get to the landing. When you live in a fucking bungalow. Infested. Dry […]

Delete. Yes. Delete. Yes.

You delete the photos in a moment of anger and sadness. All of them. It’s liberating. Like an alcoholic pouring a bottle of whisky down the plughole. You think you are making progress. But you will slip up. There will be more googling and more photos downloaded. Your collection will slowly build again. At least […]

A glimpse of happiness

Yesterday I was dumbstruck. My grief-stricken melancholy was replaced with, dare I say it, happiness. I was dancing in the kitchen. I had jobs to do and I ploughed my way through them, satisfying feelings of progress running through my veins. I got things done. The contrast to my prior ‘stay in bed all day […]