Blood brother

Heal blood brother Lonesome lover Don’t feel afraid This sweet serenade is for you, my love I’ll fuck another bitch up I’ll fuck another bitch up Heal blood brother Lonesome lover Don’t feel afraid This pin-pulled grenade is for you, my love I’ll fuck another bitch up I’ll fuck another bitch up Run

Victim status

You’re a victim of your own mind misfortune favours you now everything could be so different destined for this loneliness it kills Master manipulators sap your strength fed up of fighting dirty Stability, a dream you’re too scared to have Defects emerge make themselves known mostly to you Overthinking Overdrinking Empty stomach full mind anxiety […]


Forced socialising when depressed. I don’t love it. Imagine a drunken walk home. Depression exemplified by fakery. Wasted body. Honest mind. My gullibility gives me the shakes. Honest people are gullible people. Three miscarriages later. Three failed humans. No, I don’t know how it feels. But I know how it feels to be worthless. Just not […]

Stress twitch. Twitch. Stress.

The pulsating under my right eye that has been there for weeks persists. Stress twitch. Twitch. Stress. And I go out, feeling like some sort of somebody. Clifton Street. Cash point. Flashing green light. Insert purple card. £0.00 available. Insert blue card. £0.00 available. Insert grey card. £0.00 available. Insert dark purple and light purple […]

Your hands around my throat

What you did to me makes me want to cry. Especially when I’m drunk. And I want you to know that. I want you to know how terrible you make me feel, through your selfish, thoughtless actions. I can still feel your hands around my throat. Alcohol is great. It gives me confidence. Everyone is […]

And so it starts…

1. Lie under duvet for much longer than necessary 2. Ignore all incoming phone calls 3. What am I playing at 4. Paralysis 5. I can’t even do anything I would normally have done, because I should be doing this other thing now, instead of the other things 6. Procrastination 7. Denial 8. Panic 9. […]

Dear diary…

Dear diary, Or should I say dear sex diary, as that’s what it’s turning into. Dear sex diary, I have not had sex. Lol. I have met a nice trans lady with a nice big whip. I have applied for a job as a trainee hairdresser. Well that would be fun wouldn’t it? I have […]