Cover of Tender by Blur

Cover of Tender by Blur – Leanne Bunce & Rebecca Marriott So I’ve been going to this choir thing with my best friend Leanne (also my ex but she’s morphed), truly my best friend and some of our mates. It’s nice to have a little singalong and a natter, very good for depression which I […]

The walk of shame

Both feet tripped at the same time, sending her flying forward. There was no rescuing herself. Both knees hit the ground with a force great enough to graze her legs through her jeans. She let out a high-pitched self-pitying scream, rolled herself over to sit on the pavement and started to cry. She was glad, […]

Credit in the straight world – BDSM and me

One reason for my exploration into BDSM. Online and otherwise. Community. As a lesbian I fell into a community, consisting of lesbians and gay men. Many gay people, especially men, the ones I know, do not have families, so to speak. So the support group consists of friends. Many who remain single. So much so, […]

In the interest of equality… (vulva)

There you go, black and white, or is it sepia, vulva. Fair is fair. Both of these images make me feel queasy. I don’t know when I got so frightened of women. I’m feeling a little traumatised. I want something, ultimately, a relationship. But I’m too scared. Terrified of being hurt. Terrified of women. To […]

Smoking (hot cock)

Anyone notice he’s smoking a menthol cigarette? No… I didn’t think so.   I have no legitimate reason for posting this gratuitous photo. If anyone can think of a reason, let me know… No, still can’t think of a reason.   Perhaps as a commentary on how I feel able to post this photo. Would […]

Answer to the question about the strap-on…

… and a bit more. Maybe just stick to the carrots then J 🙂 I used to be mainly the wearer of the s/o. Two reasons 1. Well I liked to fuck women, still do and 2. I was never very good at being penetrated, just couldn’t do it. Had various problems that I won’t […]

Toy Box

I missed butt plug day! Oh dear. The Bedroom Submissive – Plug in Sundays Anyway, I’ve been searching on the internet for an image of my butt plugs (Not my actual ones, nice clean ones like have just come out the factory) anyway, long story short, they are nowhere to be found. I don’t remember […]

What if being straight was frowned upon instead?

I’m sharing this video because, well, I think it’s really powerful and well-made. It did make me cry, I must say. I have been fortunate enough not to have been a victim of bullying this extreme, I have not been beaten up for being gay, but I have seen it happen, and many of the […]

Your hands around my throat

What you did to me makes me want to cry. Especially when I’m drunk. And I want you to know that. I want you to know how terrible you make me feel, through your selfish, thoughtless actions. I can still feel your hands around my throat. Alcohol is great. It gives me confidence. Everyone is […]

Does it fuck like a man?

Future of the Left – You need Satan more than he needs you It doesn’t look like a man, It doesn’t talk like a man, But does it fuck like a man, Does it fuck like a man? It doesn’t smell like a man, It doesn’t taste like a man, But does it fuck like […]