Three songs

Shame. An acoustic song I wrote tonight. It’s kind of sad This is a cover of a song by Brand New I did yesterday. It was the first time playing actual physical instruments since my surgery. I remember laying in the hospital bed listening to a YouTube video of them playing live, the first new […]

Quietly going crazy (another degausser)

Degausser – Brand New electric guitar cover Goodbye you liar Well you sipped from the cup but you don’t own up to anything You sipped from the cup, you don’t own up to it… And you think you will inspire?! And don’t say you didn’t, up there, where it counts, in your head. I have […]

So turns out, she’s like a disease. When I forget…

So turns out, she’s like a disease. When I forget to take my meds I get all worked up, teary, and wish that we were in contact. It’s ok. I’ve taken my meds today. Medication to subdue my feelings, yes, that actually works. Suffering from a broken heart, a lost bond, broken trust? Just take […]

Better cover of Degausser than the last

Degausser – Cover of Brand New And have a decent Christmas all… There was a time when I would be excited about Christmas. But between work, and debts and coursework and stuff, I feel guilty about ‘having a good time’. Tomorrow is Christmas, so I should be allowed. See if I can muster it. I’m […]

Take apart the demon in the attic to the left

Sketch from a dream. Veins and words on a palm. From before. I guess she lost her angel wings. Or had them pulled out. Or maybe she pulled them out herself. It is remarkable the ability of the human body to heal. We’ll take a tooth out, gaping hole. Two days later no hole, blood […]

Cover of Brand New’s ‘You won’t know’.

Cover of You Won’t Know (Brand New)   A classic example of the ‘She’ lapsing into a ‘You’. Even Jesse Lacey can’t help himself.   Regarding Limerence, to quote Wikipedia, thank you Wikipedia: “The sensation of limerence is felt in the midpoint of the chest, bottom of the throat, guts, or in some cases in […]