Credit in the straight world – BDSM and me

One reason for my exploration into BDSM. Online and otherwise. Community. As a lesbian I fell into a community, consisting of lesbians and gay men. Many gay people, especially men, the ones I know, do not have families, so to speak. So the support group consists of friends. Many who remain single. So much so, […]

In the interest of equality… (vulva)

There you go, black and white, or is it sepia, vulva. Fair is fair. Both of these images make me feel queasy. I don’t know when I got so frightened of women. I’m feeling a little traumatised. I want something, ultimately, a relationship. But I’m too scared. Terrified of being hurt. Terrified of women. To […]

Answer to the question about the strap-on…

… and a bit more. Maybe just stick to the carrots then J 🙂 I used to be mainly the wearer of the s/o. Two reasons 1. Well I liked to fuck women, still do and 2. I was never very good at being penetrated, just couldn’t do it. Had various problems that I won’t […]

Pick a zone, ladies.

I cannot takkke it. Assuming we were given a choice, which we’re not, but assuming we were between straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian… Do not choose ‘lesbian’ it is the worst combination. You have been warned. Why do women need to make everything about 100 times more complicated than it already is? Women can’t ‘just have […]

Sleaze, breasts and becoming a nun.

Ok. We called it an experiment. Changing boxes. Lesbian to bi. On gaydargirls. I can reveal it has been a somewhat interesting experiment. I have been offered approximately 10 times as much casual sex, (I should be recording numbers shouldn’t I to be properly scientific.), sent about 10 times as many naked pictures of naked […]

Tentatively changing boxes – call it an experiment

What a palaver. Let’s call it dipping my toes in the water. Not sure I want to jump onto a “Straight” dating site. Oh my word, what a scary prospect. Where is the dating site for homoflexible females and sensitive men who find lesbian qualities attractive? And what would you even call it? I don’t […]

5. Swift Expression blog challenge – My nemesis

Part of the blog challenge from Swift Expression. I was doing them in order, but no. 4 has escaped me… I have an idea but it may involve me changing out of my pyjamas. Anyway. Question 5. ” Create your nemesis. After you have described your nemesis in detail, describe at least one new thing that […]

Date night

A date is basically a job interview for a prospective partner isn’t it. Anyway, I think I may be invited back for a second interview. We talked about chlamydia, gonorrhea, AIDS. You know, usual first date stuff. She does work in the field of ‘communicable diseases’. She wasn’t put off by my cravings for man-meat. […]

Yes man (woman).

I have been blogging a bit less lately because I’ve been doing things for a change. I’ve become ‘Yes man.’ In that I say yes to things instead of no. And I’m a woman, not a man. Still technicalities… And I feel sooo much better. Sooo much less depressed. My ex is in the process […]