Capture of a moment

When photos are all you have left. A window into a moment of sheer unadulterated joy. People die you know. They really do. And so how it feels to look at a photograph like this. The the two extremes of emotion, felt together, the elation and the sorrow. It doesn’t even out. No, you feel […]


You had a twinkle in your eye. It’s probably gone. A beautiful, sarcastic smile. I would have quite liked to kiss your Angelina Jolie lips. You seemed fragile and broken. And at the same time strong, in your own way. You knew what you wanted, Even if you couldn’t control your urges And had yellowed […]

Death and Air Wick

Sponsored ads on Facebook. Is there anything worse? [insert name here] likes Air Wick. No she doesn’t. She died two days ago. I very much doubt she’s lying in the mortuary, thinking ‘I like Air Wick’ And her 600 Facebook friends think to themselves ‘I never knew she liked Air Wick. I should have got to […]


It’s fucking tearing me apart. I’ll sit here with the heel of my hand on my forehead, grimacing. There is nothing I can do about it. I have never felt this helpless. I have never had someone let me so far into their fucking life and then… what. How I long to not care. But […]