Dream #144

I went into an outhouse, I was up to no good so I put these rubber toed socks on my feet like marigolds. Once inside I locked the door behind me. There were three doors and I checked they were all locked. I went to the fridge and opened it, the light didn’t come on […]

Dream #143

I dreamed my dad and I were hugging. Then he stepped back and ran his hands really slowly and firmly down my chest across my breasts. I yelled “What are you doing?!” He responded, his exact words I can’t remember, but it was something nasty. He left and I was crying. I wanted to tell […]

Dream #142

I was driving recklessly and too fast, went through lots of red lights and stop signs, not exactly on purpose but I couldn’t seem to slow down. Builders and people were shouting at me. Then I was parked in a car by the park. My girlfriend got in the passenger seat, she was wearing white […]

Dream #141

You wrote me a letter. In duplicate. One with each of my names. I was on the chaise longue in the corridor outside your hotel room in a shirt and knee high socks. You didn’t want me to come in. You just gave me the letter and I didn’t get up from lying down. I […]

Dream #140 ~ dangerous driving

Had a dream about some teenage boys driving recklessly down my street. They were driving a shiny white Ford Focus (or similar), it was dark out. I had gone out to get something from the car, saw them swerving towards me so ran back to my doorstep. They were leaning out the window being boisterous […]

Three dreams #137 – 139

I recall three dreams over the past few weeks I was sitting in a pub on a long wooden bench in the corner. Your husband sat next to me, I was looking the other way. Then I was in your house. You wanted me to leave and said “Bye Ben”. The next dream was quite […]

Dream #131

Had a dream I was sat on a bench inside the St David’s centre. I was wearing a grey shirt, grey tie and grey jumper but I hadn’t paid for them yet. I was waiting there for you. Your dad came along and sat on the bench beside me. He warned me off you. He […]