I didn’t notice that the drugs stopped working

Something snapped. Wrong place, wrong time. Reading about yourself, on the internet. Or other people like you. Look up meetings in your area. No meetings in your area. Swansea, Bristol. Inconvenient times. 12 steps. As if it were a flight of stairs. Get to the landing. When you live in a fucking bungalow. Infested. Dry […]

So turns out, she’s like a disease. When I forget…

So turns out, she’s like a disease. When I forget to take my meds I get all worked up, teary, and wish that we were in contact. It’s ok. I’ve taken my meds today. Medication to subdue my feelings, yes, that actually works. Suffering from a broken heart, a lost bond, broken trust? Just take […]

Medical obsessions

People walk up the stairs two by two Me, I’m one by one He’s so skinny I could blow him over I can’t decide if he’s being a baby Or if he’s just had enough   The nurse is kind, but stupid My questions unanswered Give up Just do it   I love my blood […]

New voicemail

Oh hi Rebecca, it’s Kate. Um I just wanted to say I’ve got your message. Um unfortunately we still haven’t got space for you to start the um infliximab as yet, but I will be in touch as soon as we have. Okay, thanks, Byebye. To listen to the message again, press 1. Beep. Oh […]

Tale of the angry overthinker

Life deals the cards and we’re all bluffing Time heals no wounds I’m angry I shout at people who deserve it Like the boy doing a wheelie in front of my car Like the man, that man I’m angry at you God knows what I’d do if I saw you Probably hug you – I […]

Peddle the ass that God gave you…

…and buy nitrous. Nirvana – stoned interview This interview made me smile. So many pearls of wisdom. The trees came before the logs. Get each other pregnant. Learn to play pool real well. Love it. And don’t work too hard. Nirvana first live performance of Smells like teen spirit

And so it starts…

1. Lie under duvet for much longer than necessary 2. Ignore all incoming phone calls 3. What am I playing at 4. Paralysis 5. I can’t even do anything I would normally have done, because I should be doing this other thing now, instead of the other things 6. Procrastination 7. Denial 8. Panic 9. […]

Attitudes to illness. To our own illness.

Healthy person: My tongue is spontaneously bleeding. That’s strange. I’d better go to the doctor and get it checked out.   Person with Ulcerative Colitis on immunosuppressants: My tongue is spontaneously bleeding. That’s strange. Oh well, I will have a tin of pineapple I’m sure that will make it better.   Healthy person: It hurts […]